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Puppies from this litter have new homes.
Best wishes to their owners!

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Molossoid Breed Club - Dog Show 2011
Yogi & Alaska - The Best Breed Couple of the Show

Pedigree of puppies:

I generation II generation III generation
CH PL Alaska Pyristamo
Ussel De la Borda D'Urtx
Zours Du Mas De L'Outis
CH Fee Del Musine
Int CH, Mł.Ch.PL, PL/RUS/UA/EST/H/RO CH, Zw.LV, Zw.Kl, Bundessieger, Osterreich-Ungarn Sieger Pyrless Beautiful Dreamer
CH Wander Boy of Mayu Dreamer JP
Pyrless Dream on
CH PL R PYR My Sweet Teddy Bear
CH R PYR To Kill a Mockingbird
CH Whitesatin Smooth Walker
CH Euzkalzale Oh My Goodness!
CH Euzkalzale Nostalgic Moonlight
CH Framboise Gladiator
CH Euzkalzale Ridgerunner Go!

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