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Paweł & Ewa Smuda
JULINO – Kennel of Pedigree Dogs
69, Ireny str.
05-806 Komorów

Our brief history

We have lived in our Komorów house for 11 years. After the preliminary period of struggle and attempts aimed at transformation of the surrounding territory into garden we gave up these ambitions and decided to implement our long-lasting dreams into reality, i.e. to develop kennel of pedigree dogs.

At the beginning, it was Nuka Norgil - Bernese mountain dog (or the bitch, to be more precisely) - representative of a very spectacular and very popular modern breed of Swiss Sennehund.

Nuka was a wonderful friend of our whole family and especially, she took a liking to Peter, our younger son whom she treated as her own puppy and in defense of whom she was always ready to fight against the whole world; on the other hand, she was much more obedient to Wojtek, our older son.

She was not only very wise but also objectively beautiful what was many times confirmed by her ranking during the most prestige dog shows, including the European Dog Show in Poznań: she took the third place in her category and she was the best Polish bitch within the breed.

Unfortunately, she is not longer with us; she suffered from cancer and left us at the age of 7 years.

After the departure of Nuka, nobody of us could think about the Bernese dogs; we needed a big change. We all kept it as a secret in relation to other members of family and looked for a dog which would be completely different than Nuka. And suddenly, a small white ball has appeared in our house - it was Tiramisou Beautiful Garden, a tiny little thing which - as Peter said when choosing it – “a dog not only to be loved but also to be kept in bed”. It is true, although only apparently.

Tira (as we call her) is a female West Highland White Terrier; she is a small, very funny, permanently active dog, with a soul and nature of a “great warrior”. She is charming, full of joy and renders her feelings equally to all members of our family; sometimes she has, however, her “moods” as a true lady - she can get offended what is ostentatiously manifested by her laying on the floor and turning her back on us. Fortunately, when she is offered something delicious, the mentioned mood passes quickly and everything comes back to a normal life.

Tira does not possess represent such “show potential” as Nuka had, nevertheless she managed herself very well during the exhibitions and took high places in category of the most numerous breeds. She met the standards of Kennel Club in Poland in respect of obtaining the title of breeding bitch. This year she had her first puppies, five beautiful and funny terriers, who were devastating our house and garden for three month. Fortunately all of them found new families very soon, and started new chapter of their life far, far away!

Anyway, we thought all the time about come back to big dogs. I had my favorite one from the very beginning. It was a breed, being practically unknown in Poland. We found it few years ago via Internet on the American Kennel Club pages. “To find” does not always mean “to obtain and to have”. There is a saying: “if you try to seek, you will find it”. But sometimes it is difficult to believe it.

In our case, out patience became rewarded. I found what I was looking for and before it, I “infected” the whole family with my idea. They not only supported me but also tried themselves to find a solution.

Thus, owing to our perseverance, in June 2007, we welcomed ALASKA Pyristamo, the female Pyrenean Mountain Dog from the PYRISTAMO Kennel, situated in Zgierz near Łódź, about the existence of which we learned owing to AKC Internet page.

Alaska is a daughter of Genia (Pyrless Beautiful Dreamer), the bitch imported from one of the best kennels of Pyreneans in the USA and of Ussel de la Bord D’Urtx, Spanish dog originating in the Pyrenees, fatherland of this wonderful breed. She inherited “European” height and “American” appearance i.e. the best traits of these breeding lines. Temperament, i.e. disposition must probably come from our Tira as Alaska is not able to sit down quietly for a moment and she gests up to mischief in the garden as proverbial bull in a chine shop.

From a very beginning, our “small doggie” has stayed in very good relations with Tira, or it is Tira, who agrees with her; Tira as being older although smaller feels the “manager of the yard” and gives the visible evidence who is the boss.

In spite of her young age, Alaska reveals the traits, specific of her breed and, first of all, vigilance in taking care of the whole territory of the house and garden. Apparently, she looks like a big ball of white wool, resting under the pine tree. But one suspicious rustle is enough for her - the lazy “teddy bear” begins to run with a speed of lightning. If you do not want to have troubles, better do not stay on her route! Even the moto-hang-glider pilot, who flies lowly above our house, cannot feel safely when Alaska, although being young and not overgrown yet, jumps upwards to the height of ca 2.5 m.

Carefree garden life did not deprive our lady of beauty and aristocratic manners owing to which she participates in shows of dog beauties and obtains new and new awards and titles.

At present, Alaska is the holder of the title of Young Champion of Poland and it is the first step towards the adult national championship and invitation to Crufts Dog Show 2009 - one of the most prestige European Dog Shows.

Now, Alaska and Tira are encountered with a new challenge - “a guy” has appeared in the “female house”. In November 2008, a young dog called Yogi (R.Pyr. My Sweet Teddy Bear) joined us. He is a wonderful dog, imported from a very well known Californian Kennel of the Pyreneans. Yogi is the common property of our family and or Mrs Krystyna Bochan, owner of Pyristamo Kennel.

We are waiting with a great curiosity what will be the further fates of our doggies. As they say - we will see.

Komorów, December 2008.

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